Organize your research and generate learnings. Fast.

Transcription, note taking, and automatic rainbow charts to help you build better products.


A better way to talk to your users.

No more scattered notes or hours of tedious transcription. We have all the tools you need to process, organize, and share your research.
Powerful Transcription

Built in transcription allows you to leverage interview recordings and spend less time taking notes.

Embedded Notetaking

No more scattered notes across multiple docs. Collaboratively take all of your research notes in one place.

Research Repository

Keep all of your interviews, recordings, participants, and studies in one place.

Automatic Reporting

Automatically generate rainbow charts and response matrices from your insights.

Participant Tracking

Filter by participant segment, persona, and more to better glean insights about your users.

Insight Clips and Highlights

Create clips of all the important moments during your interviews and quickly share them with your team.


100x your stakeholder buy in

Say goodbye to building tedious spreadsheets. We generate the charts you need so that your stakeholders see what you see, leaving you more time to generate valuable insights.

Powerful Repository

Find the info you need when you need it.

Your research documents are scattered across the cloud gathering dust. Our repository allows your team to always know what you know by keeping learnings in one place.

Knowledge management
Prevent insights from being lost through our robust search tools, allowing you to find what you need quickly.
Dynamic Database
No more broken spreadsheets - all your data connected and consistently updated across all your research.
Powerful Reporting
Slice and dice your data to segment and pull the insights most relevant to your learning goals.

Collaborate better. Move faster.

Fragmented systems and documents lead to poor communication and redundant work. Our tools allow teams to work - and learn - together efficiently.

Increase Transparency
Allow team members to see first hand what users are saying about your product, supercharging your team's alignment.
Improve Team Alignment
Empower your product team by quickly sharing your insights to better help them plan their roadmap.
Run Efficient Interviews
Coordinate team members working on a study to more efficiently process the research you've done

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